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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Mama

It's that time of year again, a time of freshness, a new start and a clean slate. This post is going to be more about the Mama side of things than the kid part, for a change. How many of us have set New Years Resolutions and not been able to keep up with them? How many have done everything on your list?

Keeping promises to yourself, which essentially are what New Years Resolutions really are, is very challenging. But, it's not impossible. If you have ever wanted to make a list of Resolutions that will help reinvent yourself in the new year, do it! Follow some, all or none of the tips below, and you will see that it IS possible!

Tip #1- Make that list! Take a piece of paper and write down 5 things you want to accomplish in 2012! Some examples would include the common, "Lose 10lbs", "Go to church more", "Be a better more giving person", etc. There is no wrong answer here except, "I can't do it."

Tip #2- Recruit a small support team! This could be your spouse, family member, best friend, or the bag clerk at your local Ralph's. This person will ask you about your list, you share and they will continue to push you towards it. If they become hostile and threaten you, then it's best you separate yourself from that person and find someone else.

Me and My Best Friend Brandi R

Tip #3- Set a time line! What this means is let's say I want to find a new church for my family, and begin attending. I think it would be a good idea to give myself a month to find a suitable church, so I spend 4 Sunday's of the month of January attending 4 different churches. So my time line for that resolution would be, "by the end of January"

Tip #4- DO IT! Don't allow yourself or any negative Nancy around you to let you fall behind. My sister and one of my main supporters, Ashley M, once told me, "do for yourself, not what others expect or want from you". When you make these goals and resolutions, you have to do it for yourself. Don't commit to losing 10lbs for your spouse, or because the neighbor is getting more looks from hot guys than you are, do it for yourself. Creating the new you this year, is about YOU!

My Resolutions are about Me :)

Tip #5- Email me if you ever feel yourself falling behind on your goals or need an extra push! I'd be happy to encourage you. My email address is 

Tip #6- HAVE FUN!!! This may be a challenge but it most certainly isn't work! 

I look forward to reading about your New Year's Resolutions! We need to be great role models for our children, finding something you yearn for and sticking with it is a fantastic start!

:) This is YOUR year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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