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Saturday, December 17, 2011

She's a BIG Kid now!

      A few moments ago I put my daughter down for her last nap in her crib. This evening her Daddy and I will be setting up the toddler bed and resetting our baby girls room. The new Tinkerbell bedding is bought, and her very own pillow too!

      As a first time Mother, it was difficult to carry her upstairs to go "nite nite", and experience the "life before your eyes" moment. Except instead of my life, it was hers. At 18 months old my daughter, Keira, has been through hell and back. This moment where she transfers from crib to toddler bed is a major milestone in her life.

    Holding her 2'8'' petite body in my arms, as I rock her and sing "our song", my eyes float down to the receiving blankets in her cubby against the wall. It was then that the memories of her bundled up in those blankets came back to me. In a different home only 17 months earlier, we stood almost just like we were, humming to her and singing the same song.

    It's moments like the ones I just experienced that I hold dear to my heart. Moments that make you realize that despite the sleepless nights, the tears (both hers and yours), and the tantrums they won't last for long. One day she will still be throwing tantrums, you'll both still be shedding tears; though the reason for them will more than likely be different, she's going to grow up.

   There are many songs that express the words of how I feel towards my daughter, the message I always want her to know. One in particular, especially the first verse and chorus sticks with me now. Below is the video to Jamie O'Neal's "Somebody's Hero", so you can give it a listen!

   I welcome you to post your own memories of your mother, or relationship you have with your children. I love hearing other stories. :)  

Happy Reading :D



  1. Awww! So sweet and very nicely put!

  2. I'm pregnant for the first time now, and though I'm sick almost every day, I know it will all be worth it. =) Found your blog on Absolute Write Water Cooler BTW. Keep up the posts!


  3. Thanks Katie for the encouragement! And congrats on the new addition!